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Acryl Glass Box , opaque (34028)
Box for clean and hygienic storage of rolled bandages or copoline. Everything is tidy, and at the same time you have different widths and sizes at your disposal. 55 x 90 x 54 mm
55 x 90 x 54 mm
Alkaline - Stockings (Select Product Colour)
Outer pair of base stockings made of 100% organic natural fibre wool. Washable at 30 ° C in wool or hand wash. One size (length approx. 60 cm from the heel).
Blueprint GloboWorks Pedoprint (33100)
The foot-track device for the effective visualisation of the sole of the foot in orthopaedics, podiatry and foot care. The Pedoprint works on the principle of the stamp pad and provides a faithful imprint of the sole of the foot, with the load peaks are easily recognisable.
Cellettes in Disposable Dispenser (34005)
Pre-cut cellulose swabs on roll in a disposable dispenser - ready-to- use. 5/4 cm, 300 swabs
5/4 cm, 300 swabs
Colour Roller (33101)
Colour Roller
Cotton Reel Box (34067)
For hygienic storage of rolled bandage material. Acrylic glass. Due to the flexibility of the partitions, you can adjust sizes of the different boxes to your requirements. 181 x 109 x 80 mm
181 x 109 x 80 mm
Dispenser, transparent (34080)
Universal box for storage and removal of rolled bandage material such as cellettes, gazin etc. Scope of delivery without content. Dispenser, transparent
Foot Massage Roller, 5 rolls on each side (44096)
A massage of your foot reflex zones enhances circulation and stimulates metabolism - a positive influence on the whole organism. Foot massage rollers in anatomically curved form, of real wood and pleasant synthetic knobs. With five rolls on each side they effectively train the complete arch of foot with deep penetrating effect. A blessing which can be enjoyed when seated and if possible every day.
Hallufix splayfoot insole with mobile pelotte (Select Product Size)
The stable Hallufix sockliner is extremely thin despite its durability. Therefore, the sole can be worn easily in almost any shoe - whether sporty, elegant or robust. Ideal for relieving splayfoot complaints and pressure points, with high wearing comfort. The special advantage of the breathable splayfoot sole lies in its mobile pad. It can be individually and thus optimally positioned according to the shape of the foot. Velcro fastening prevents the pad from slipping when walking.
Impression Foam, 1 box (33059)
Simple and reliable 3- dimensional for visualisation of the foot sole and arch of the foot. For creating highly detailed impressions of your customers feet, thus ideal for the preparation of orthoses, pressure relief etc. The impression foam-set includes one folding- carton, which can be labeled with patient-relevant data, and 2 two foam inserts, so the impressions of both feet is possible.
Simple and reliable 3- dimensional for visualisation of the foot sole and arch of the foot
Polishing Disc fine/white, Mandrell with 10 Discs (23123)
Ideal for grinding of soft silicone material, for rounding edges and for fine smoothing of surfaces.
Ideal for grinding of soft silicone material, for rounding edges and for fine smoothing of surfaces.
Pre-cut Foil, 100 units (33103)
Pre-cut Foil, 100 units
Pur-Zellin Cellulose Swabs (34001)
Cellulose swabs on reel, swaged ready for use. Of bleached bandage cellulose. 2 reels with 500 swabs each
2 reels with 500 swabs each
Replacement Elastic Band (33104)
Replacement Elastic Band
Rope- Roller Massage for the Back (44116)
Rope- Roller Massage for the back is made of beech wood. Easy use via the two handles, so that the robe roller can be applied nearly in every position. Also the intensity is completely controllable. The result: The muscles are relaxed and the blood circulation is supported effectively. 112 x 3,5 x 8 cm
RUCK Medicine Cabinet, white (34078)
The workplace regulations and the accident prevention regulations of the professional associations shall require that in any operating first aid materials must be available. RUCK Medicine Cabinet is the right choice. Robust metal housing, lockable, push-to-open mechanism, suitable for filling according to DIN 13 157 L/W/H: 300/120/450 mm
300/120/450 mm
RUCK-COSMETICS Skin Cleaning Spray, 250 ml (40305)
For cleaning of feet or hands prior to treatment. 250 ml
For cleaning of feet or hands prior to treatment.
RUCK® Wound Care and Strapping Anti- Blister Set (74430)
The RUCK® FABRIC Anti-blister kit. Consisting of anti-blister gel and blister blaster in two sizes. The nourishing formula of the anti-bladder gel reduces the friction through the shoes and invisibly protects against blisters and pressure points. Special blister plasters serve as an emergency aid for blisters on fingers and toes. Content: 7440801 Blister plaster, small, 8 pieces 7440802 Blister plaster, large, 6 pieces 74200 Anti-blister gel, 15 ml
RUCK® Wound Care and Strapping Fixation Bandage (Select Product Size)
Self-adhesive fixation with maximum elasticity, excellent contour adaptation, hypoallergenic adhesive coating. Ideal for fixing pressure reliefs made of gel and silicone.
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